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New York, NY
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Re: Pointless

Lossless 1080i60 video is around 1 Gbps. Lossless compression can bring that bitrate down to around 300 Mbps. The level of bandwidth required for this to be lossless with zero compression would be insane - 15+ Gbps, easily.

As far as lossy compression goes, assuming they are using the new HEVC compression format for this 8K format, which is supposed to be twice as efficient as H.264, it will require 8x the bitrate as 1080p video does even though it is 16x the resolution.

At the stated bitrate of 360 Mbps for this test, this compression quality they used for this test is equivalent to 1080p H.264 video at 45 Mbps. Blu-ray's maximum supported bitrate for video is 40 Mbps, although most Blu-rays are authored using H.264 @ 20-30 Mbps.

So this has less compression than a Blu-ray...