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Re: This is old news

said by rody_44:

911 doesnt use the gps built into your phone. If you have a signal they can find you.

That depends on the carrier and the capabilities of the E-911 call center: What is a GPS-capable phone, and why is it so important for E911?

If you are in a high population density area with multiple cell towers communicating with your phone, then perhaps the E-911 call center can locate you using cell tower triangulation. If not, then they may only be able to make a guess as to which county you are calling from based on the location of the single cell tower to which you are connected. Not all of us live and always remain inside heavily populated urban areas.
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There are a bunch of pay phones in our mall at three different locations. Plus, there is one outside the mall building on the front of CVS. There are a bunch at the main grocery store and more in the next small mall. There are two at the entrance to Wal-Mart across the street. Where there is a noticeable lack is in the new shopping center that has a new Safeway and Target. They get less of my business for this reason even though they are nice stores. I rarely need to use a pay phone (why would I need to use a phone, except in an emergency, when I am away from home) but I want them available if I did need one.
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