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[Home Phone] Anybody Using Roger's One Number?

Anybody using Roger's One Number service? Any good?

What is the take up on this phone service offering versus Google Voice?


Works well and has pretty much all the same features as Google Voice except no visual voicemail from your computer and no free LD from your mobile phone.

I don't really use the calling features much. I just use it to text people while I'm working on my computer so I don't have to interrupt my workflow and pick up my phone to respond to messages.


I like it primarily for the Reach Me Rules.

No cell reception in my basement apartment so I have the RMR set to ring my VoIP.ms as well as my cottage line.

Works well.


reply to redpepper
I found this pretty cool having rogers one number work off a physical homephone $24 one time fee for box and $9.95, thats crazy very good for student living away and dont want to pay long distance.

»www.rogers.com/web/content/wirel ··· abset--1,

The Rogers One Number Phone Add-On service and Telephone Adapter lets you extend your wireless number to a regular phone giving you IP (internet) calling anywhere you are connected to the internet.
How Does It Work?
The Rogers One Number Telephone Adapter transforms your regular phone into an IP phone while the Rogers One Number Phone Add-On monthly service enables IP calling. When someone dials your wireless number, your mobile device, web phone (if registered for Rogers One Number) and regular phone connected to your telephone adapter will ring.
With the Rogers One Number Phone Add-On and Telephone Adapter:5
Speak with friends and family anywhere you have internet access using your wireless number and a regular phone.
Enjoy unlimited Canadian long distance calling.
Switch calls between your wireless device and regular phone without interruption.
Call Display and voicemail purchased on your wireless service will extend to the regular phone (as long as it's supported).
How Can I Get It?
Activate the Rogers One Number Phone Add-On monthly service on your account to enable IP calling. This has a monthly fee associated with it.
Purchase the Rogers One Number Telephone Adapter (one-time purchase).
Plug the adapter and telephone into an internet connection and you're on your way to IP calling (no wiring or installation required).
Note: you must have an internet connection.



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Thanks for the information. Looks interesting?

Does the caller's name show up on incoming calls? Any plans to integrate it with simple USB phones without the $9.99/month fee?

Toronto, ON

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Does the One Number ATA work over VPN (PtP encryption)? Can you buy the SIP config? If not is the ATA easily hackable to get the SIP config?

Personally I'm using my cell phone with unlimited incoming and the standalone version of freephoneline for outbound routing to Canadian NPA's.

I don't text message, I chose not to participate in that scam. If you want to type something send me an e-mail. It's free.


In order to use the ATA add-on Rogers has to register the MAC ID and serial number of the ATA. Even if you do get ahold of the SIP settings I don't know if it will work with other devices.