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Scottsdale, AZ
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reply to What2Buy

Re: Arris TM802G Telephony Modem with CableONE

The hidden files are the provisioning files, EVERY device connected to the cable network gets them. Without hacking them (which without cable company permission is a felony by the way) no cable devices provisioning files are user accessible. Some modems let you see the name of the provisioning file it was given but thats it.

CableOne only supports the Arris phone modems, Cisco and Motorola both make phone modems as well, they are just not supported by CableOne.

CableOne makes money off the modems sold from Arris' website, thats why they want you to buy them there.

Also you cant easily buy an Arris phone modem from a retailer like you can a Motorola SurfBoard SBV5222 (Motorola D2 phone/cable modem, which cant be used on their network), just like you cant easily find a Cisco D3 modem (DPC3010 for example), just about every retailer sells a SB6120/1

Bottom line is this:

What is the difference between the Arris modem I get from my neighbor that cancelled CableOne phone and the one I get from CableOne?

NOTHING! Once its connected to their network and provisioned CableOne will update the firmware (with a version that works on their network) and send it its configuration/provisioning files)

CableOne feeds their customers BS, for example they say that if your alarm has smoke or CO2 detectors it cant use their phone service, which is BS, if you want to know why start another thread as I dont want to hijack this one, but in short: their phone service is not as reliable as an alarm needs it, same reason why they dont support ankle monitors or other devices that need high reliability, without which they will not work.
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