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Canonsburg, PA

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reply to pnh102

Re: Buy One Now If You Need It

said by pnh102:


I wouldn't mind the use of in-home boosters provided by the cell phone carrier, but these should be provided at no extra charge to the customer, as it compensating for a defect in the service.

The carriers don't want to admit that there are defects in their networks that could be easily solved (at a cost to the carrier) by the use of micro-cells and femtocells. If they really cared about service rather than just the almighty dollar they would be doing more to improve service now. As stated by the previous poster if you complain loud enough ("squeaky wheel gets the grease") they may try to resolve the problem for no charge.


North East, MD
Without a doubt. I've contacted Verizion about their shortcomings in my community. Provided everything possible to show that we're essentially in a deadzone. I was just offered a femtocell as a fix, at my costs. I would have gone ahead and said sure, but we dont even have broadband capable of providing the correct boost. AWESOME.