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Thing unusual here.

Devices that radiate RF are under the FCC's jurisdiction. Devices such Wifi, cordless phones, garage door openers are all regulated by the FCC as well. Why should signal boosters be any different? Unlike part 15 devices a cell phone booster is operating on a very important piece of radio spectrum. A malfunctioning booster will create interference and drive down data rates for everyone else in that particular sector of the cell.

An interesting piece of history... Motorola with the early MicroTAC/TeleTAC series of analog phones used to have a handsfree kit that would clone the ESN of the portable phone into a 5w transceiver installed in the car which became the actual phone. New standards to prevent cell phone cloning were enacted so motorola had to completely re engineer their handsfree kit. They pretty much created a in car cell phone booster except the handset had to be plugged into a rather bulky cradle to couple the signal between the booster and the phone.

When the digital CDMA phones arrived on the market motorola dropped the booster and simply provided connectors on the phone to hook to an external antenna. When Motorola switched from focusing on selling phones to the business sector to the consumer sector, they completely dropped the notion of selling a car kit for their phones.