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Binghamton, NY
reply to en103

Re: Only $20?

$60? Exaggerate much? My POTS bill works out to ~$26, nearly half of which can be blamed on the Government:

Phone company charges:
Residence-1 Party Flat Rate: $14.93

Taxes/Government Fees:
Federal Tax: $0.78
FCC Line Charge: $7.22
USF Recovery Charge: $1.13
State Gross Receipts Tax: $0.37
Sales Tax: $0.21
Telecom Relay Service Tax: $0.08
E911 Tax: $1.50

Total Taxes: $11.29 (43%)
Total Service: $14.93 (57%)

Total Bill: $26.22

Mind you, I don't include long distance in that as I rarely make long distance calls, and I found a low cost/no-monthly free (Google 'Telna') carrier for those. Nor do I pay for unnecessary features like call waiting or caller ID. My POTS line exists solely for emergencies and for close friends/family to contact us. Nobody else has or needs the number.