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North York, ON

[Internet] Terrible Terrible TekSavvy / Bell Story

Hi everyone,
After a long 3 painful weeks, I decided to give up today and finsih with them. Cancelation number is 371 324 X214 710 from Anthony.
BTW I am a Senior Systems Enginner with CCNP, MCITP-EA MCSE, VCP ETC ETC ..

Here starts the story:
I have 3Web with Rogers pay about 40$ tax in for 25Mbps down and 1 Mbps upload. Very happy with them, very stable. I needed Static IPs and Revers DNS for Mail server, Lync Server, Direct Access server for my home lab.

I paid the first month and instal install with Dry loop about 250$ 3 weeks ago with a montly bill of 125$. I said all good as long as I am getting all that I pay for. Obviosly they all have that up to 7Mbps upload based on distance etc etc. Well they all know it after 1 KM of the main Bell CO you wont get it but they dont tell you that. I have a very good friend who works for Bell Fiber direct and he know all of that.

So the teksavvy tech came in did the wire etc etc and he saw that the DSL was not stable. He called Bell troubleshooted the thing for about 2 hours he left as it was 9pm and he said they will fix it. The issue was that they modified the profile to a 25MBp Down and 3 Upload to make it stable. Well its not stable and from that 25Mbps was getting around 2Mbps. Waited about 5 days nothing happened. Called Teksavvy. Had a level 1 Stone Teknician. Plug the modem plug it back all that crap, ping times, packet loss etc etc. Then he pissed me off so bad that I hang up the phone on him.
Call back talk to a Senior Tek named "Will". Very good and amazing tech. He obviosly understanded the issue and he setup a Warranty call with Bell. Bell guy called me he said its all fine as the modem its syned to 24 Mbps . I explained him that is the issue and modem looks fine from Teksavvy as well but I am getting only 2Mbps. Now he did not even come at home and it was all gone.
Called Teksavvy again and talk to another OK tech that did all the same stupid procedures that kills me and detected the same issue OBVIOSLY loool. Now he set a modem replacement and another Bell tech. Bell Tech came Sunday on the long weekend obvisoly the superintentend from the building was not availble to open the door for him and he said he`ll come Tuesday as he saw some wiring that he can try to clean up and set some other pair etc... Tuesday comes nobody comes. Called again Teksavvy talk to a tech explain the issue he said to call back Bell and ask them to come back ??? ME call BELL ? lool I am not a Bell customer I cant you idiots. the phone got disconnected.
Now I checked the line etc seems to get 25 MBps and a lil bit more stable than before because the tech that came Sunday cut the jack and rewired it. Maybe thats why but still the SYNC its not got I am loosing it after a while but the 25MBps seems to actually be 25Mbps once I get sync and not 2Mbps for download.
So all good today I called Teksavvy to ask about my 6 static IPs. I saw I got a 69 IP to the modem which is not right. I should get one static IP with 108 that they gave me instead of 69. The tech was junior he did not know subnet, subnet range, gateway, he was full of .... he was "You'll get your static 108 IP from WIFI" HAHAAHAHA I said man you know nothing obviosly please transfer me to Will or a senior Teck. He did not want to do that after 1.5 hour of the hold and wait and he told me to put the 108 ip in the LAN on that modem obviosly it does not work anyways tried that then rebooted modem lost SYNC about 10 times never came back stable in 20 minutes I said please tranfer me to Cancelation Department After 20 minutes nothing happends no music nothing.... He's name is Keenan Smith Hang up. Called again talk to Mr Anthony. He again tried to make me to trhoubleshooting etc despinte all the ticket notes and everything. In the end I was able to cancel it.

I tried to talk to higher people like manager supervisor whatever they have there ..I couldnt. They did not want to tranfer. One tek after the initial bad install guarranted me to refund within 30 days money back because of the customer satisfaction and if this gets no where . I was concerned right the way after I saw the intial failure. that my 250$ go to waste... and it did ..

I am wrinting this terrible story for everyone to see. I will post this on blogs and everywhere.

Learned from the story:
-Well yeah 250$ loss, never used thier service for more than the "Speed Test" and about 10 hours of my time minimum with 125$ my rate that would cost a lot.. plus called them about 10-12 times .
-They obviosly dont care about customers how they used to years ago. They dont have that "customer service, customer satisfaction" ..
-They have very bad people there that if they can't handle an issue they try to piss the customer off instead of escalating to the right people, like a supervisor, manager, senior tech whatever.
-I told them if you pay me back the money I wont spend an hour to write this horrible story... but they did not care about their customer. I'be been a customer for more than 5 years had DSL 5 Mbps then phone with them now tried this Fiber connection with them.
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