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Binghamton, NY
reply to jeepwrang3

Re: licensed freqencies

said by jeepwrang3:

I know you keep saying POTS line, i could care less about one. If it was cheap thats one thing. The fact that after taxes it was roughly 50 bucks a month, just to have my # sold to various groups, I decided to pass on it in the new house.

My Frontier POTS line is $26/mo and change. My old Verizon one was around $30/mo as I recall. Not sure where you live but I find $50/mo hard to fathom, unless you're including additional services or some sort of package deal that's allegedly going to save you money (they rarely do).

As far as selling your number, the only reason wireless companies aren't doing that is because they are prohibited by law from doing so. That prohibition stems from the fact that incoming wireless calls cost you money. This is slowly ceasing to be the case as unlimited calling plans become the norm rather than the exception and I wouldn't be surprised if we see this legal prohibition removed in the not-so-distant future.