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Springfield, MA
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[CDV] Self-install fun...NOT!!!

I just recently picked up the equipment at the Springfield (MA) office on Tuesday and did a self-install of a triple play a couple of days ago and they gave me a gateway for the internet and voice (which I took because it the one they gave me has 8x4 channel bonding even though it is going to be $7 per month and I got a DVR (the TiVo it displaced is going to Grandma's house since I got a good deal through Comcast that made taking the DVR worth it). Went home, installed the DVR and the gateway, had to call customer service since web activation failed. The internet and DVR activated right away with a call to Customer Service but the phone has to wait for the number to port over to Verizon. The phone was activated yesterday and is able to make outgoing calls but incoming is going to the Verizon but I switched the wiring over to CDV and will just use the cell phone until it is fully functioning. I had to route the dial tone through the alarm panel first using the yellow pair going from the bedroom back to the basement and connected it to the cat 5 wire going to the RJ31X with Scotchlocks and back to the house phones with the green pair. Scotchlocks are real fun as you only get one shot and if you don't get it right (both sets of teeth piercing the wire) you have to cut the wire and do them over. They for some reason scheduled a truck roll even though it is a self-install and they cannot seem to cancel it and as of tonight (friday) the phone is still ringing to the old line.

As for the modem, I see that they have two modem when I login to my account on the usage meter.

It seems every time I switch services or sign up with new services through Comcast, nothing goes smoothly.
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Mead, WA

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If you ever have to do that again with the alarm system, use B wire connectors rather than Scotchlocks.
We also called them Beanies and maggots. The maggot came from the fact they are small and white and kind of resembles a maggot.
They have several teeth in them and never miss a good connection.

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reply to IowaCowboy
The two modems you see on the usage page are most likely your new modem (gateway) and your old modem. There are two modems because the usage is keyed to the modem, and you had two modems on your account for the measurement period.

The problems you describe with porting and installing your CDV service are pretty much standard for any such telephone service switchover. That is why Comcast did not used to even allow CDV self installs. Prior to my retirement, I did a lot of commercial POTS to VoIP switch overs and most of them involved the same things that you describe, but on a larger scale (not to mention additional PBX integration problems for some businesses who wanted VoIP, but did not want to have to purchase new IP phones).
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