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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to GEMMA73

Re: [Internet] Brighthouse connectivity issues - Clermont, FL

said by GEMMA73 :

said by BHNtechXpert:

said by GEMMA73 :

I am also having the same issue. I run a Cisco PIX 515E with the latest IOS. I keep losing connectivity and need to either wait for the DHCP Retry timer to expire or renew my IP address. This is getting really bothersome as I continually keep getting cut off during the most important times of the day. HELP!!!

I am not going to troubleshoot the PIX for you...gave that up ages ago thank you very much but I will make sure our part of the equation is working correctly. Open a direct forums thread with the usual information and I will take a look.

Thank you BHNtechXpert. No need to troubleshoot my PIX. I am a CCNA and MCSE+I with over 11 years experience with routing and remote access. I will Open a direct forum thread with the usual information. Thank you for your time.

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