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Mister M

Vancouver, BC
reply to lunarchild

Re: Telus Fee Increase out of nowhere!

I'm confused here.

I thought the entire point of a contract was that you paid a pre-arranged price for the duration of that contract so as to shelter you from a price increase? If the price can be raised at any time then what would be the incentive? I don't get it.


Red Deer, AB


reply to Mister M
Telus contracts offer NO price protection for a long time now. Unfortunately Telus overseas call centre cold callers don't tell you that. The Canadian employees are hit and miss but much better. A poxy laptop or tablet isnt worth it IMO.


All good points.
Today I learned that our contract does not have price protection.
So we got hit with the price hike... but the price was already bloated for what little we have signed up for and the overall bad service in our area (Surrey B.C.)
It just stings a bit as our internet service has been rapidly deteriorating and dropping altogether. I have ruled out the router and other possible causes of interference and interruption.
I was hoping that as a result they would reverse the fee hike or promise to improve the service. I got nowhere with them.
Everyone I talked to seemed especially confused with the very services they offer and support! I was passed around endlessly until I got tired and had to go back to work.
Our Vancouver Telus office has fallen a long way since we were last forced to use them (in a basement suite, back in '08).

You are absolutely right. No offering or shiny device is worth the crap one has to deal with in a contract. Xboxs are dropping in price all the time as it is! Lol. What were we thinking? I do not know!