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Pierrefonds, QC
reply to MooJohn

Re: Engine stalling when Brake Booster line disconnected

said by MooJohn:

It's tough to keep the engine running with such a large vacuum leak. Keep a finger over the line so it isn't losing so much vac.

Then tip the can of Seafoam into the line ever so slightly. You want it to sip in the liquid, not gulp it. Make sure it pulls in far more air than liquid.

On cars with a mass airflow sensor, it may run better if you disconnect the sensor. The car will then run on a set of known tables that may keep it idling better while you do the job. This can set a CEL which should go away when the sensor is re-connected when you're done.

Okay so it is normal.

Your tips are good, but my dad's ever so retired that he loves to have an excuse to hang out and do guy things

Fingering a hole while sipping juices sounds tricky (And oh so wrong out of context).

Thanks for reassuring me I didn't have an already existing major vacuum leak that when combined with the brake booster leak made it stall.

Cars are sure fun!