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RIP lil hurricane
Brandon, FL
·Bright House
reply to hoyleysox

Re: Work From Home Concern

said by hoyleysox:

Agreed, but what law enforcement agency?

Take your pick. Start local and go all the way to the FBI.

to norton59, your wife is fully involved in a money laundering scheme. She needs to stop IMMEDIATELY.
said by norton59:

Should we just withdraw what is remaining and close the accounts so that if they bounce they can't take the money back if this is indeed a scam? That would protect us wouldn't it?

THIS IS INDEED A SCAM. 100%. withdrawing the money so they cant get it will only anger them, but in the end it wont protect you. Please, tell your wife to stop it immediately and contact the authorities. if the scammers get caught, you go down with them!!!

like it was mentioned earlier, you may want to lawyer up to try and protect yourself

the other concern I have is that these people have your wife's personal information to steal her identify. this could get very ugly
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