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Pacific Palisades, CA
reply to zoom314

Re: Verizon moving on to leading edge technology

If you have DSL in a Verizon area, you have DSL with Verizon. Period.

The landlines are owned by the local telco monopoly, and all DSL signal goes through t that company.

You buy the VZ DSL from DSLExtreme, a reseller of the telco's DSL.

said by zoom314 See ProfileI have DSL in a Verizon area, just not with Verizon anymore, over a year back I went to DSL Extreme instead, I get what I want for $32.83 a month, which is 3M/768K and it's on 24/7. Cable here is TWC and it's more expensive for the same speeds and I'm not interested in moving to TWC.