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Faison, NC
reply to NetFixer

Re: Without a booster, I could not use my cell phones at home

said by NetFixer:

Without this device (which does have built-in protection against interfering with AT&T's network according to the manufacturer *):

You are the kind of customer this technology is designed for. The problem is that if it becomes the common thing to do for everyone then you will have people that install it just because they only get 3 out of 4 bars.

It becomes very difficult to control signals like this when you have lots of these devices in a small area. We are doing trials in wilmington, nc for white space wireless that uses the frequencies that are not used for existing tv channels . The problem with these frequencies is they go very far , through trees, walls, whatever and that is a problem with wireless consumer devices. Think wifi channel congestion is a problem in apartments now ? Try using wireless when every home has a signal that can reach down the block easily.