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Doctor Olds
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reply to norton59

Re: Work From Home Concern

said by norton59:

Hi everyone, I need some advice. My wife took a job from some work from home ad where she is having to make transfers between bank accounts.

Your wife has put herself and you into a very serious legal position. You have a wife that is laundering money and is very naive it seems to have gotten into such a situation. You need to contact a very good lawyer and stop all money transfers and communications with these Scammers. Another bad thing is they know all about her (she voluntarily sent them all her personal details) and they can now after the fact steal her identity.
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said by Doctor Olds:

and they can now after the fact steal her identity.

if they havent already
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I doubt they would, but they probably do have access to her accounts that shes using, so they can probably see when shes making the transfers. Seriously, I would call your local LEO NOW, and dont even tell her(well you should tell her, but if shes refusing to quit, shes a dumb, and naive. She will likely get no charges pressed against her unless she helps them figure out whos, hows, and whens. The sooner you get her to stop, and report it, the sooner you do that, the better off you both will be(you can be counted as an accessory to it). Also, because she is using her account, he is at risk of getting federal felony charges and prison time if she does not stop.