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Encino, CA

[Info] Information heads up


I'm new here and have run into some confusing and difficult items while trying to work with the instructions in this forum.

Re: the instructions on this page: »Tweaking FAQ »What information should I post with my question?

#2. The closest of 2 speed tests from the Speakeasy Test Sites page. Please note the URLs of both result pages for us.

>>> Exactly what are the “closest of 2 speeds”? Which 2 speeds (they are both the same if I run two tests!) and closest to what?? When I “note the URLs of both pages” the pages and the information is not retrievable – for me anyway! Here’s the URL of one test: »www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ Does it take you to my readings? Exactly what URL would take you to my speed test results?

…and the instructions on this page: »Tweaking FAQ »How do I post the top 3 results?

Speed test: Check Verbose, then click Start. When the test finishes, click Graph and copy the URL in your browser's address bar. Post that as #2.

>>> What is “Verbose” and where can I find it? I did find a Verbose speed tester on line at »What happened to verbose option on speed test?
Is this what you want us to use?
It would be a great help to organize and correct all these various instructions and explanations for those of us who are not deeply steeped in computer knowledge and skills. I’ve been at my computer for several hours trying to faithfully follow your instructions and wade through tons of google searches in an attempt to figure out exactly what you want and how to put it all together for you – WHEW – it’s very exhausting! Please take a moment to fix all your misleading and confusing instructions so we can give you the information quicker and easier.


P.S. Today I received some information which cleared up a few of the above confusions but it would have worked better to know up front that the "2 speed tests" means two different cities nearest to me. Seems like someone needs to go through the instructions and staighten them out for us struggling Newbies........just my take on the matter.......so, please don't take this as an ATTACK!