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What Happens When You Go Over 20gb? How much have you gone?

I have Excede with WildBlue at the moment and I feel like I'm enslaved. I have this internet I pay a lot for yet can't do ANYTHING I enjoy with it which includes gaming.

The thing is when you go over with WildBlue all they do is throttle your internet which is why I WILL NOT get HomeFusion. I can't be paying for overages.

Right now I'm at 25gb in my month out of my 15gb allowance with WildBlue. And guess what? Not much happens other than 1 day this month the internet was pretty slow. Other than that it's been fine. Thing is I CANNOT game.

CLEAR isn't available here so I really want to do SOMETHING so I can do the things I enjoy.

So really I'm wondering how much do you have to go over 20gb of data with Millenicom before you can possibly be shut off? I just talked on the chat support and I asked if I was at 35gb of data with my 20gb plan could I be shut off and he said "yes".

Seems crappy

North, VA

Why? They're being upfront with you. They are bound by the terms of their upstream carrier. Sprint and Verizon.


Saint Johns, MI
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reply to ignigiknot

Do you have any idea what kind of Sprint coverage you have in your area? If it's decent, you could choose the 50GB plan from Millenicom. With the right kind of equipment, and an unloaded tower, it's possible that you could end up having a passable gaming experience. It'll never be like cable internet, but 3G gaming is better than no gaming at all!
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Wartrace, TN
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I've gone over twice due to downloading a lot of stuff during a computer build (I don't game). What happens is your speed is capped at 200kbps for the remainder of the month and the following month.

original pos


duuude, the following month too?! thats NUTS