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Neighbor Eligible for U-Verse, I am not. . .I need U-Verse!

I used AT&T U-Verse and Internet all last year. Then I moved out of my apartment and canceled my service. I have since moved back into the same apartment complex, and the AT&T website states that U-Verse is not available at my address. My neighbor (5 feet across the hall) has U-Verse. I need help!! I have two cables sticking out of my wall, but they do not have ends on them. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Yorkville, IL
Have you actually contacted AT&T to request service or are you just going by their web page? Sometimes marketing promises what engineering can't deliver, some times engineering can do things marketing doesn't understand. I personally had DSL sold to me twice by marketing only to find engineering couldn't make it happen. I've also been told U-Verse is available across the street from me but not on my side, only to find my next door neighbor has it and we share the same 100 pair cable to the ped in my front yard.


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I have just the opposite problem. The website will allow me to order Uverse and then when the technician never came I phoned and ATT says, my flat doesn't have Uverse availability

The operator checked with level 2 support and they said, they don't know why it shows I can get it. I live on the NW side of Chicago, so it physically isn't in my area, yet at least.

Any how they gave me half off my Internet and half off my landline for six months for the inconvenience

Orange, CA
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I had something similar on my old address.... it was a Duplex, fed from the same pole. The VRAD was about 600ft at the end of the street, and my neighbor who was technically about 20 feet farther away from the VRAD has 12 Mbps Internet + Television + Voice. Her apartment was B, mine was A on the same address. We both had our own set of pairs, and at one time I had 2 analog lines (one for my wife's business).

I always just had the analog phone line, no internet from AT&T. When I inquired about the database not being correct I was told that my address was still on a blacklist, from a previous tenant 5+ years earlier racking up a huge DSL bill, and never paying it. So my address was on some sort of black list.

When told it would be removed, and it would take 2 to 3 weeks, I was skeptic.... and sure enough, checking 8 weeks later, it was still listed as "not available".

In the mean time, 2 more neighbors, both neighbors from the duplex right next to us - further away from the VRAD - got U-verse installed the same week I checked the address again.

Somehow, my address got on a weird list that says "do not serve" or something. I bought a house, moved, and had U-verse installed there (Internet/Voice) without any problem whatsoever.

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There are only so many available ports at the PED for users to receive service. There is most likely not enough ports for every single residence served in that area. If all the ports are in use, you will continue to be ineligible until someone cancels service or the service is built out with more ports.