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Portsmouth, VA
reply to MarkRH

Re: New DOCSIS 3 Modem Requirements Posted

Well you do have the option to ask cox to upgrade your Emta To a D3 Emta.

Sauters A Walrus

Tulsa, OK
said by lilstone87:

Well you do have the option to ask cox to upgrade your Emta To a D3 Emta.

If they do request the DPQ3212 (Cisco). This does 8x4 channel bonding and is an EMTA to boot.


Scottsdale, AZ
reply to CoxVegas
said by CoxVegas:

The last time we forced customers to upgrade was to get rid of the last of the ancient DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 modems a few years ago.

The way that was done in AZ was disable DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 support overnight, though CS was clueless the tech Cox sent out that day showed up with a modem at the door and 2 options : sell us the one in his hand or buy one for free after MIR at circuit city, when asked why he said it was Cox's way of phasing out DOCSIS 1.x support

A little too much 'force' if you ask me, some notice would have been nice.
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Chesapeake, VA
I don't recall anything that drastic happening across such a broad range of equipment. What I do remember was a situation regarding D-Link modem that necessitated an emergency upgrade to resolve. Even then if you called in and had a D-Link modem we shipped a free replacement.


Metairie, LA
reply to BryanInPHX
With my old Arris D2 and Premier(early 2011), I was getting 14/3.

Switching to a SB6180 gave me 32/5, and I do not see any time of day slowdowns. Glad to see Cox finally pushing out the D3 modems for preferred.


Scottsdale, AZ
reply to CoxTech1
I had that D-Link, would have been nice to get a free one, CSRs were clueless, tech said they deactivated DOCSIS 1.x for 2.0 and most D-Links were made inoperable as well as some Motorola's. Sounds as if either he didnt know or didnt want to say.

Though I cant complain for having to buy a new modem, Cox comped my current D3 when the D2 started acting up.