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Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH
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Re: What's going on with the PC gaming industry??

I haven't seen a PC game that I felt the need to spend money on, in many years. Then again, I would have to own a PC that could run the game.
I went the way of the game console, because it seems it's "life cycle" is longer then the PC, hence cheaper in the long run.

Also from what I've been reading, smart phones and tablets have been killing the traditional game platforms [PCs and consoles, even handhelds]. I own a tablet, and to me the gaming experience is just ok. Mainly because I have yet to adpot to the idea of a "touch" control system for a first person shooter video game [I have 3 on my Ipad. Duke nuke 'em, Dead Space, N.O.V.A.] I'm used to using a game controller, be it a keyboard or a game pad to use such games.

Though if someone where to resurrect and build a modern versoin of Dnamix's flight sims : Red Baron, Aces over Europe, Aces of the Pacific. Then I would seriously go out and buy a new PC just to play them. They were, and have been the best flight combat sims I ever played. Heck even resurrecting and modernize Privateer, Wing commander series would get me going for a new PC.
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