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Re: [DNS] Comcast DNS connectivity issues

said by fxsapp:

I'll try to provide more information for this issue, I apologize for not following the rules, I am providing this information for a friend, and it is difficult to relay the information from tracert and ping etc, through text messaging- but next time I will wait to post until I have all the proper info

You didn't bread any rules; it is just that nobody is going to be able to properly diagnose your (and/or your friend's) problem without some real data to look at. Vague generic symptoms generate vague generic answers.

In case the problem is just a simple cable network connectivity problem, the modem's (or gateway's) connection stats and logs would be helpful as well as the results of the TCPIP connectivity tests I previously suggested.

Does your friend have a data plan for his/her cell phone? If so, this site's http://text.dslreports.com/ gateway might make access via a cell phone a bit easier so that your friend can personally take part in this thread (assuming that your friend's cable connection is so bad that using it is impossible).
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turns out it it not a DNS issue, even though that is the error that we get when the connection goes down, for all of the tests 1 through 5 , nslookup and ping tests, all timed out- meaning that it is a connectivity issue, a tech has been out 3 separate times to look at the problem, changed modem, checked cabling no resolution. I'll try to get some logs from the modem and see what the errors are... I'm assuming the tech looked at that, but it seems like they cannot figure out what the problem is.