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[Availability] AT&T Uverse

I would like to see if Uverse is in my area. I was in my local AT&T store and they were demonstrating Uverse and they said that it is in my area.

And if it is not, I have home phone through AT&T and would like to add DSL service. What is the fastest speed right now? And, is the DSL signal already going through my home phone line or does my line have to be hooked up into something so I can get DSL and Home Phone.

Thanks for your help

Warner Robins, GA
Go to the »www.att.com/ website. Select the shop option. Select the internet option. Put in information about your address to see if you qualify for Uverse. I f not, go back to the internet option and select DSL with phone service. Put in address information and see what is offered. The fastest speed for AT&T DSL is 6.0Mbps download and 0.512Kbps upload. The speed you can get is dependent on the wireline distance your location is from the DSLAM »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_su···tiplexer.
»ADSL/ADSL2+ Speeds VS Distance

The DSL signal is not going through your phone line now. A telephone technician has to activate and test the line. This usually can be done without entering the inside of a home if the NID(Network Interface Device) is accessible on the outside of the home and there is no problem getting to it.

For DSL you will need a modem or gateway to connect your computer to the internet. A modem is just a modem. A gateway has a router included in the equipment. AT&T has the standard Motorola DSL Modem Model 3360 »www.att.com/equipment/accessorie···dems.jsp.

There is also the Motorola 2247-N8 WiFi gateway that works »www.motorola.com/Video-Solutions···esources. »www.bestbuy.com/site/Motorola---···=2103259

I advise getting the modem and WiFi router as separate items. If one of them fails, you do not lose both internet access and your home network at the same time as you would with a gateway. But the gateway is a decent value and does cut down on cord clutter.