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reply to compudj for whom?

said by compudj:

I got the update to firmware somewhere before August 1st,
and it's been stable since then (currently August 13th).

Does anyone know if this firmware was rolled out strictly for people suffering this issue on specific slams? I'm assuming they are not planning on rolling this out to others as well, to keep all the Cellpipe users on a common firmware, but I don't know.

said by HiVolt:

I've used several of the cellpipe firmware at my place,,, (the rebooting one), and now the

I've never lost sync on any of them that I've noticed.

I've been on for years in the same house (originally on Bell Fibe). When I first got it it was losing sync very frequently - several times a week, and sometimes a few times a day. It turned out it didn't like my internal CAT5e wiring for some reason. (The wiring worked perfectly for Gigabit Ethernet, at full Gigabit speeds.)

So I moved the modem down right next to the internal demarcation point (or whatever it's called), which is connected to the outside NID (or whatever it's called) to the inside demarcation point via this thick flat cable. I think it's CAT3 with a thicker sheath, but I'm not sure. It's hard to see in this picture but it's the one on the right. I wonder if the wire gauge is thicker than conventional CAT3 though.

With this latter setup, the Cellpipe worked much better. The line seemed stable. However, if I check the logs, there are still occasional sync losses, but they're infrequent enough that I don't usually notice them. (eg. They might be at 4 am, or while I'm at work or something.)

Everything Apple

Toronto, ON
Mine is hooked up in the basement next to the distribution block, where the POTS splitter is. The NID (Demarc) is outside, but the run to the distribution block is very short, less than 6 feet of the same thicker cable you described.


What's that thick cable called anyway? It's not what I usually think of for CAT3.

I think I have about a 30-40 foot run from the NID to the POTS splitter with that cable.
Everything Apple