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Scarsdale, NY
reply to Bob4

Re: [OOL] Is HPNA 3.1 compatible with optonline service?

said by Bob4:

said by AhnFire:

I guess I could drag an ethernet cable over to another cable run that is not on the same split as the modem,

What's that about a split for Ethernet???

That was only in reference to the HPNA/DOCSIS conflict. I really do want to wire the house for ethernet, it's just that it's a townhouse, meaning long and narrow (neighbors on both sides). I have a finished basement and no attic, so I have to cut holes through several studs and/or joists to do it (can't have wires all over the place). Anyway, if I am going to get new wires run, I will run both RG6 and cat5/6, I was just trying to avoid hiring an electrician (i'm not going to drill and fish all those walls myself, need to run a few hundred feet of wire).

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New Jersey

I'd think that most townhouses are small enough that WiFi would work easily.

Or you could run just a single CAT5 cable to the other side of the townhouse, and connect that to a switch (for wired devices) or wireless access point or both.


Scarsdale, NY

So I guess no experience with HPNA (seems like it's not really a US thing I think). Oh well, I fixed my MoCA by creating 2 short MoCA runs instead having 3 on a long line (I had an unused adapter and a switch was already near the middle).

Once I free up a little disposable income, I will run cat6 up and down (3rd fl to basement) and get a new RG6 run as well. I am not a wifi fan, so I only use it for portable devices, nothing plugged into power.


Hopatcong, NJ

I have no first hand experience, but I thought AT&T U-Verse uses HPNA over Coax for some deployments to reach the STB from the Residential Gateway (where the U-Verse VDSL2 signal terminates). I mention this only in that there may be some experienced users in the AT&T U-Verse forum, although I am not sure they would be able to comment on co-existence with a CATV/DOCSIS signal.


Scarsdale, NY

Ah... thank and that makes sense. Oh well, I got my connection up and running again. Hopefully that solves the issue until I can get the wiring sorted.