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reply to JimmyK814

Re: Statement: No significant changes?

Dish is the only satellite provider downconverting 1080i feeds to 1440x900. DirecTV, to my knowledge, has theirs at the native resolutions. As a former Dish subscriber, I can tell you they're an absolute joke.

I will say I've watched enough MASN (Orioles Sports Network) and it looks better than DirecTV does in the bars, although I'm sure my Samsung is better than their Vizio TV's.

Altoona/Johnstown still having such a meager HD offering is really sad. Dish, DirecTV and Comcast are running laps around them. Our offerings are pretty meager too in Cumberland and we have 16 more HD channels than you guys at my last check. I think we have 67 HD channels counting all our duplicate local stations (since we have all DC stations in HD, CBS Baltimore in HD and the Altoona/Johnstown stations in HD), Root Sports Pittsburgh and MASN/MASN2.

This free Sunday Ticket promotion of DirecTV is really starting to tempt me because the HD differences are just so drastic (and getting even more stark as DirecTV adds 5 more HD channels). If I dropped my landline and went with DirecTV Premier, I'd basically have about 100+ more channels, still have access to Ravens games, and pay less. If DirecTV added H2 HD, GSN HD, IFC HD and TV Land HD, I'd probably do it.

I'm paying $152 right now, I don't have a DVR, I don't have any additional premium movie channels other than the Starz/Encore that comes with Digital Plus and I only have 10/1 internet.