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St Thomas, ON

Grandfathered unlimited account - for sale?

Is this a joke?


FS:Grandfathered Unlimited Bandwidth Bell Sympatico Internet account - $500 in Belleville, Ontario For Sale


for sale is an old internet account with unlimited bandwidth.
never be charged for extra downloads or uploads. I will give you the modem and transfer all account ownership to you. I will disconnect the line on july 15th, so please contact me by then if you are interested. Face to face meet up for account transfer and cash only.
the base price is $69, plus modem fee of $5 + taxes.

Apparently someone (same person?) trying to pull this off in Ottawa too:


MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
What a scam. You can't transfer accounts.
MNSi Internet - »www.mnsi.net

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Owen Sound, ON
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said by sm5w2:

Is this a joke?

Scam. And no, you can't transfer the HSLD accounts.
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Re: Grandfathered unlimited account - for sale?

Not much point in selling an unlimited Bell account for $70/month when you can get something equivalent from a GAS-ISP under $50/month without having to pay the $500 up-front "purchase" price.

Another major problem with the proposition is that any material change to a grandfathered account (requesting a speed upgrade or address change) is supposed to terminate it... so you "buy" the account but the address change kills its grandfathered status and renders it worthless.

So yeah, scam. Makes no sense and simply not possible through normal means.


reply to sm5w2
You can normally transfer accounts, you just talk to business office for a "transfer of responsibility", however the unlimited accounts cannot be transferred. However you can still make a move order without losing the unlimited as long as you are moving to an area with ATM network or FTTN, if you are moving to an FTTH network then is not possible. There are ways to move the account without losing the unlimited, the problem is when you speak to a frontline rep they are more interested on making an upgrade and will try to offer another plan without telling you that you will lose the unlimited. However in this case, what this person is trying to do is not possible.