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Re: Why Do 2 A/C Vents Throw Warmer Air Inside?

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Lol!!! My AC blows cold air from ALL vents now! There was no visit to the shop or injection of freon either, it was all just a dumb and innocent screw up. The one that "fixed it" was the most clueless person about cars, my wife, I was complaining about the vents blowing warm air and that I did not have time to take off work to go fix the problem and she said "What's wrong with it?" and started pushing buttons and turning knobs.

Then suddenly she pushed the button in the picture above and it started blowing cold air from the vents that didn't since a month ago, I never paid attention to that button before because I never touch anything but someone that borrowed my car problably did. The orange light is supposed to be lit on the "air circulate" mode, not in the "air in" mode! Hahaha.

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That's not the right answer. you still have a problem. That is just the "recirculate" button so that the blower just keeps moving the air around that's already in the van. The other button is the fresh air button. It pulls in fresh air from the outside. The heat or AC should function just fine on either setting - yet if our AC is not cooling well (e.g. from low refrigerant) it will cool better on recirc. Either way - you have not solved your problem.


Are you sure about this? Because the air is ice cold now and that's enough for me, I don't care where it comes from as long as it maintains me cool in hot humid traffick jams.

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What happens when you put it back to where it was (fresh air)? Is it still cold, or does it get warm on one side again? Thing is, you may have found a 'solution' to your situation, but it is only temporary if the problem comes back when the HVAC system is in a normal operation mode (recirculation mode isn't really a normal operation but it helps during long trips to save gas mileage when using the A/C...when you have only a passenger or two. More than that, you want to use fresh air setting. Trust me).

Not saying that your vehicle has a problem, but just save up a little and have the "issue" looked at soon. Will probably save you headaches later on.
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said by dMarks:

What happens when you put it back to where it was (fresh air)? Is it still cold, or does it get warm on one side again?

I don't know I haven't tried but I will try it tomorrow and post it here.