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Shelton, CT

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no internet with att dsl-5100 modem & linksys WRT54GL rout

no internet with new dsl service and linksys wrt54gl router
what a pita. I have sbcglobal dsl on a phone line I want to disconnect. Of course I can't just transfer the service to my other line. Has an 5100 dsl modem used as bridge (no software config). Linsys Wrt54gl router and modem ok on this line and internet fine.

PITA is the new line. It is Att not sbc. Configured newer 5100 (has software config) as a bridge and router as PPPoE. User Id & network password in router. Configured the linksys as the PPP0e when using the modem as a bridge and can't connect. I tried my modem and router from the other working line and can't connect. I did have the new line working for a while with the modem in PPP0e mode and the router in auto dhcp mode.
Anyone have this setup? Please let me know how you have the modem and router configured. I did go to the linksys support page and did what they suggested as above and still not working.

Update: I was able to get connected. I put the 5100b modem in PPPoE mode (id & pword). Router in DHCP auto mode. I just can't get to work in the desired mode: 5100b in bridge mode and with the router in PPPoE mode (id and pword in the router).
If anyone has the above setup, please post info.

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as I see you have a 5100b, why not let it do the PPPoE and just set the passthrough to the router? the 5100b should be able to do this with no problems. That is how I currently do it with a 2210 modem.

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reply to noeffort
not that it helps but SBC IS AT&T now..