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Columbus, OH

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I think Vonage shut down my adapter.

Last week I got 1 to many political robo calls from the same right wing lunatic. I got so angry I disconnected my phone and my Vonage equipment and put them in a closet.
Then I emailed Vonage and insisted they give me a new phone number and calling plan for a reasonable price. They did that no problem and I was pretty happy with the service I got online. Unfortunately I neglected to mention to them my phone and adapter weren't connected to the internet at the time. I guess I should have mentioned that.

I kept the phone and adapter in the closet for a week until I got a frantic email that my dad was trying to reach me. He's the only reason I have a phone at all. I got all the stuff out and re-connected it. The adapter fired up fine and displayed the right date and time. My router saw the adapter and I forwarded the port. I still couldn't make my call because the handset on my phone needed to charge. By the time the phone charged the Vonage box was now displaying " message 001 No modem detected Please securely plug one end of the blue cable into the blue port of phone adapter and the other end into your modem". ????? !!!!! Whats up with that, it had been fine 40 minutes earlier.
I think my adapter still had my old phone number on it and when it tried to reconnect they shut it down because it sent the wrong info. to their network. Any one have a better explanation?
I've been trying to get it restarted for the past 24 hours, no joy. Vonage has been pretty quick replying to my emails.
Via google I've learned you can't buy a used Vonage box off ebay because they won't re-activate it. I think I'm sort of in a similar situation.
Any other suggestions?

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Just log into your Vonage account at » ··· ogin.htm

Once you are logged in you should be able to check your adapter and telephone status, and/or activate the new phone number for your current adapter.

Here are the two places where you can manage adapters (and you may need to install your old adapter as if it were a new adapter if Vonage terminated your old account instead of just simply changing the phone number).

FYI: I have two adapters showing on my management page because before my retirement I had two Vonage voice lines and a fax line. Depending on how the Vonage CSR setup your new phone number, you may also see two adapters (your old adapter, and a new adapter that hasn't shipped yet). If neither of those pages work for you, you should be able to call the telephone number on the adapter management page (assuming that you have an alternate way to make a telephone call) and provide the current adapter's MAC address to a Vonage tech, who can then manually re-activate it in their system and force the new phone config to it.

One thing else, if you have not already power cycled your Vonage adapter since it stopped working, try that. It has been my experience that after Vonage changes the phone config, the adapter sometimes needs a power cycle to actually activate the changes.
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