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North, VA
reply to ArgMeMatey

Re: anyone use the NEST thermostat?

said by ArgMeMatey:

said by Jack_in_VA:

I thought the sole reason for climate control (Heating and Cooling) was comfort and health.

As I've said many times before I heat to 72, 24/7 and cool to 75, 24/7.

I am not so financially destitute that I have to be uncomfortable in my later years just to save a very few dollars if any in reality.

Jack! What took you so long?

Clearly, you are not the customer the Nest is looking for.

Reading all these comments I just couldn't resist. My wife and I are both home all the time so there is no reason to nor do we want to vary our temperature. Right now in my computer room it's 75.4 degrees. Very comfortable. We have a programmable thermostat but don't use it. run it in manual set mode. Outside temp according to my NOAA readout is 76.8. Not bad for August 13.

Heck after a lifetime dealing with the high tech process controls and powerhouse operation with co-generation I'm burned out on technology. I don't even turn my cell phone on unless it's a necessity. I refuse to be a slave to a smart phone having to walk, eat and live with one in my hand. I get a kick out of my two son-in-laws. They are eat up with it. Every waking minute they are doing something with them.