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[Cable TV] Your online ratings

You (Mediacom) need to look at your ratings online. You have the worst ratings of any carrier. I would dispute these ratings and comments if you had given me any reason to but, as it stands, I have to agree with most of them. People are ready to boycott you and, yet, you seem oblivious. Overcharging, poor customer service, rude representatives, and problems with cable, internet and phone service. Wake up, Mediacom. People are not going to sit idley by forever. Even as I'm typing this I'm having problems with my cable for the fifth day in a row and after several calls to your service center nothing has been resolved. This is unacceptable, especially since you are the most expensive carrier in my area.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

I hate to see customers having service issues and I can assure it is not our intention to give anyone a poor experience. If you would like to IM me with you account information I will be more than happy to see what can be done to have your service issues resolved.


Cedar Rapids, IA

I've said it before, you, Chad, are the one truly positive CSR-type experience I have ever had in our roughly 9 years stuck with Mediacom! They're lucky to have you.

Otherwise, I totally agree with the OP… you'd think a company would try to change things with such consistently low ratings… but what incentive do they have? There's not exactly competition!

Waterloo, IA

There's plenty of tv competition. Directv, Dish Network, and now all the internet tv options.

cable tech

reply to psdp

As a Mediacom field tech I have to say there are a lot of hard working nice people employed by Mediacom. Sometimes they are limited in what they can do, sometimes the tools provided are not working properly. MediacomChad is doing a great job helping people out and I know a lot of people appreciate his work. However I find it hard to believe that nobody here ever had a nice experience dealing with someone else within the company. I know there are some rude CSRs and some lazy or (to be completely honest) dumb field techs. I love my job and I take pride in what I do everyday. It's disheartening to me to read Consumer Reports about Mediacom. I know there are some issues with the way some things are handled and I agree there are some major internal communication issues but there are people out there who will not only do their job but do whatever it takes to make a customer happy without ever expecting a tip or a letter to his supervisor about the job well done. I do very much appreciate when someone takes the time to write something nice about me but I don't expect it from you. It's my job.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

In most departments, at least here in Gulf Breeze, hard work is recognized. Its nice to see see positive feed back from subscribers online in the open after we've helped them.