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Grand Rapids, MI

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Re: Stranded jet-skier saunters through JFK safeguards



Doesn't this mean that you could monitor my searches, though?
With the release of Googlesharing 0.20, even the Googlesharing proxy is not capable of monitoring your search queries. The addon pre-fetches the identity information from the Googlesharing proxy, uses that to construct an anonymized request, and then routes an encrypted connection to Google through the Googlesharing proxy. So while the traffic is routed through Googlesharing, it is encrypted to Google and thus not visible to the Googlesharing proxy.
The result is that Google knows what is being searched for, but doesn't know who issued the request. The Googlesharing proxy can tell where requests are coming from, but can't tell anything about the content of the request. The only thing you have to trust is that the operator of the Googlesharing proxy is not actively colluding with Google in order to determine the identities of Googlesharing users.
If you're still worried, remember that the Googlesharing addon and proxy code is publicly available. So it's possible for you to run a Googlesharing proxy yourself, or to find someone who you do trust.


Hilo, HI

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No ABINE's website is NOT www.googlesharing.net. Your website down information site got itself fooled because googlesharing.net IS DOWN FOR EVERYONE. Abine is REdirecting all traffic to their website.

You should use »www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com instead. It is not fooled by Abine's redirection. Abine has done this before. The googlesharing.net site has oodles of information besides those FAQs you quoted from on Abine's site. The googlesharing.net site explains how to make your own google proxy which maybe Abine doesn't want folks to know how to do....especially once they start charging for Google sharing proxy? But it is probably just down temporarily for a benign reason. As I have said this has happened a number of times since I got googlesharing extension.

Abine needs to fix their new main page as the download url is behind the Privacy Watch icon using Fx 10 ESR. Other Fx users? Is it ok on later versions of Fx?

EDIT: It is fine on Fx 4. The download URL at Abine is not obscured by the Privacy Watch icon. I have had so many problems with Fx10 ESR and never any similar problems on Fx 4 both running on XP. (And I get criticized for using an old browser because it works right and the newer versions don't)!
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson