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Lake Charles, LA

So, you can't trust their fine print either

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The disclaimer
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Claimed usage for that month
So, after our several times of going over their arbitrary caps, suddenlink has finally decided to retroactively charge (not for all the times, just the latest one) us for going over. However, as some people have noted, there is very often a large delay between when you dl something and when they actually update their meters. Some people will probably note their little disclaimer added at the bottom of their faulty meter that goes a little something like what I have in picture one. However, for the month we're being charged for, they charged us for all the usage they claim we had on the last day, during which, obviously, we couldn't check our usage as it is never up to date. Obviously this can cause a bit of problem when one sees the so claimed usage of that last day in picture two.

Needless to say, when you can't check to see how off your meter is and you have a massive data spike, it can cause problems, especially when they don't abide by their whole delay thing. What makes it worse is they don't even label how much, numerically, they claim you used on those days, so at the very best you have an estimate.

Haughton, LA
And welcome to unregulated meter-billing! SL promised me that it'll get better though!!!

Lavalette, WV
So, can you track usage on your router?

I do and I thought they honor that kind of stuff.
It's the only proof you can really get I think.

However, I never went over so I have no idea whether or not they might actually respect the values from your router.


Lake Charles, LA
Our router can track data but there's two major problems with the tracking on it. One, if you reset it it resets all the info on the router regarding usage prior to the reset, and two, it tracks ALL data going though it, not just data going to/from the internet. So transferring anything between my computer and my brother's computer, for example, also adds onto the data shown on the router.

Also, the total usage, not just the daily usage, on their meter is always a day behind and doesn't update until all the usage for the previous days get updated as well. For example, from yesterday around this time till today when it just updated, the usage didn't move at all. Now that it shows the full usage for yesterday, it finally updated the summary.


Mineral Wells, TX
reply to moldypickle
said by moldypickle:

And welcome to unregulated meter-billing! SL promised me that it'll get better though!!!

haha, no kiddin..., this thing isnt accurate at all, even though the next day it will be but thats to far of a wait when your downloading a lot and want to know where your at then

I track mine by the router thankfully