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Denver, CO
reply to aaronwt

Re: The More, The Merrier

said by aaronwt:

said by Lone Wolf:

Competition drives down high prices and keeps low prices low. I like this because more MVNOs mean low prices for more people. They need to allow users to bring unlocked phones to their service.

Many people aren't aware of MVNOs and some liken them to ghetto phones. "I can afford postpaid, why should I use prepaid" is a common comment. Maybe this new MVNO will educate more people that they needn't spend over $60 per month for good cell phone service.
In fact, $25 monthly sounds nice.

From PC World

"..Good cell phone service..."?? While the call quality may be nice, a download speed of only 1.5Mb/s is to slow now. Even just browsing the internet can take advantage of the faster speeds I get with Verizon LTE. At work when a coworker downloads a large app on Sprint as I do Verizon, mine is done in a few seconds while his takes a few minutes. I'm getting 20x to 30X the speeds he is. Even just listening to music now on my cell from my Amazon cloud drive, It wouldn't work well with a slow 1.5Mb/s. I need the faster LTE speeds and each song is downloaded superfast so I don't have to wait for it to start playing like I would with slow 3G speeds.

Since MP3 music doesn't count against your storage limit on the Amazon cloud drives I've uploaded a good portion of my music collection to it. I just have to convert the rest to MP3 so I can upload it. Otherwise there won't be enough space if I kept it in the WMA format I've used for so long.

And with the LTE speeds I don't need to store the songs locally. Well I didn't have that option anyway since there is not enough storage on the cell phones to hold my music collection. The Amazon cloud drives solves my issues and allows me to have access to all my music from my cell phone. As long as I have a 4G or Wi-Fi connection. W

It all depends on how you use the service. For you, what you currently has works however for me, a current Cricket customer, what I use currently works. I work from home so for me, coverage isn't an issue at all and either is speed as I use wifi mostly anyhow. If anything, I would pay a LOT more using Verizon or any others like AT&T for what I currently have, almost 2x a month. I use my phone a lot for business and have effectively pulled the plug on home phone service & went with Cricket also for that. So for me, it has cut my bills down drastically with not having to go with a $99/mo unlimited plan and ditching home phone service.
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