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[help] Will any modem work??

Hey All!

New here ..... so Hello!

My current modem - Siemens SpeedStream 4100 took a crap after about 5 years!!

So i have a question...if I get a DSL one off ebay, craigslist, amazon etc - can I just install that one and it work with my current DSL internet plan that I have had forever??

Thank you in advance!

I really don't want to pay $100 for new one from at&t esp. when they won't give a new one for free and they completely lied to us and gave us the run around. We will be switch carriers soon but its SO confusing to bundle! haha

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
If you know how to configure a DSL modem [or can learn from the various FAQs on this site], then any recent DSL modem should work.

AT&T Northeast is the old Southern New England Telephone forum. The regulars here all live in CT [unless they moved someplace else]. From the domain you posted from, I'm assuming you're in northeast OH.

If you were in CT, I have several working 4100s and/or 5100s I'd be willing to part with.

You might find someone in your area who has a spare modem if you look in:
»AT&T Midwest