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[TWC] Major problems with my Ubee DDW3611

I have TWC in NYC and last week a Ubee DDW3611 was installed in my appt. i have two computers running, a HP laptop and a Mac desktop

i have no problem with the HP but my mac continues to drop the internet every 20 min. and i have to go unplug and replug in addition to it being EXTREMELY slow i am paying for 30mps and am no where near that

The mac is in a sperate room from the router but this is a NYC appt it really isnt too far

i am not sure what the problem is, whether the router doesnt connect well with Macs, or its defected or maybe its my Mac? i am running mountain lion ( latest software ) Sometimes even when i turn the router on and off i dont see the router in my airport and i need to restart that as well

what could my options be? would i be able to get a different router and just plug the TWC connection into that? could i use the Ubee DDW3611 as a modem and get a cisco wireless router or should i just attach a wireless extender in my room?

please help!
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Brownsville, TX
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Re: [TWC] Major problems with my Ubee DDW3611

ya a mac is not a real computer just an overpriced cheaply put together toy but if you realy want internet on it get a cat6a cable atleast 50ft and you wont lose internet anymore that happends cuz your are probly using wifi


yea i am losing wifi... so if i want to be wireless i cant? there has got to be a better solution?

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If the Ubee is using WEP security, change it to WPA2. WEP doesn't play nicely with Apple products.

Did you just install Mountain Lion onto your Mac recently? Did you have Lion or Snow Leopard on the same machine previously and did Wireless work fine?


i just moved and by the time i moved and got this new router installed i was already running mountain lion

Lucky Charms

Raleigh, NC
When I first had Road Runner installed with the 30/5 package, I was given an Ubee as well. Every computer in our house is a Mac (running Snow Leopard and Lion at the time) and the Wi-fi did the exact same thing that you have described. Countless calls to Tier 3 couldn't get the problem fixed. I gave up shortly after and put the Ubee into bridge mode with an Asus RT-N56U that had been recommended by BHNtechXpert. I've had no problems whatsoever since then and the router is dual band unlike the Ubee.

I'd recommend the following:
- Try to change the encryption from WEP to WPA2 as previously suggested.
- Place the Ubee into bridge mode and use your own router.
- If you do not have your own router and do not want to get one, see if Time Warner can swap your modem with a different brand.

Of course, this is all what happened to me. Someone else may know a better solution; however, at the time bridging the Ubee was my only option.


San Antonio, TX
I used to have ubee device too and I had a lot of problems with packet loss even on a hardwire connection. However just switching the ubee into bridge mode and using my own router fixed all my problems.

So i would definitely suggest to do as Lucky Charms suggested.