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Re: Oooooooh!

FYI slow pings (latency) are a function of network congestion and not electromagnetic wave in a medium (electricity on copper, radio on ether, photons in glass).

Regardless of access method, LTE or Copper or Fiber, the quality of end to end latency can be affected anywhere in the network. Quality of the wired/switching network is a huge factor. Therefore, quality of service for LTE really would depend on over subscription. If they get a 1GB connection to the cell tower and then put 4 subscribers in a rural area, vs 400 subscribers on one cell tower in a more densely poulated area. People are going to have very different type of connectivity experiences.

Will you have a lower bill? for LTE just look at the wireless phone price structure to get an indication. Just because you live in a rural area, does not mean you get a better plan.