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Radio shack doesn't do me wrong

If I ever need hard to find parts or want to wire something with digital chips, radioshack can't be beat. They may not sell them in the stores, but nothing says I can't look online for something.

In the past few years I bought a cordless butane powered soldering iron from them, some telco jellybeans (a bit different than the common red ones, a power supply, and some other stuff.

I wouldn't say I am a regular consumer, but I do shop around, and don't necessarily throw them to the curb. Just recently I got tasked by someone to find an older cassette recorder some microphones for recording meetings.

At first I asked... "you can get the USB models online for much cheaper than what you are asking here for. Why are you wanting to do this?

"Lossless audio, and the USB ones we have been getting die out after a year of use. Frankly we are just frustrated and tired. Someone proved it that the tape can hold up."

I was like "Ok, should be easy enough. I will probably have to do some Radio Shack shopping and such. It probably will be a little expensive I am assuming."

"I know, but we didn't believe it till it was proven to 3 of the 5 judges recently. I lost this technology war with them."

"Oh.. Ok, fair enough."
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