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[General] VZW refuses to support follow-up effort on fraud activ

For whatever reason, Verizon Wireless is refusing to support efforts to follow-up on fraudulent activities - this is based on their intentional efforts to conceal who is committing online fraud via a vzw.com ISP. External software service providers have captured IP addresses while hacking into private accounts (including host address, and individual address down to the 10-digit decimal level), but VZW refuses to provide any information about who the ISP is so you can forward the individual IP address information for follow-up. In fact, a VZW Supervisor freely admitted that there is no one at VZW who will provide any information regarding who the ISP is (based on the hosp IP address), admitting that they have the information, they simply refuse to provide it. So if anyone else has been hacked by individuals located on the Host IP: 232.sub-174-229-64.myvzw.com; be advised that Verizon Wireless is well aware that this host is being used by hackers, but VZW refuses to communicate that information to the ISP for follow-up action. If you have specific financial damages and need detailed documentation to support filing a claim against VZW, feel free to request the documentation.

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Winterville, NC

Re: [General] VZW refuses to support follow-up effort on fraud a

I don't quite understand this post.

Are they ignoring a court order to give up the information, or are they simply ignoring someone says so and so did so and so, so give me their info?
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reply to VZW_failure
Who wants to bet they can find this same post, copy-and-pasted, to as many different forums as they could find ??