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Re: Clearband (OMGFast)

said by GeekInfoNow:

Ill let you know and post here. I just cant find a review or video(that doesnt look scripted) anywhere....

Probably the best place on this site for your review would be the »Wireless Users Chat forum (and I see that you already have a thread there, looking for a review). You could just post a link to that review in this thread (since this entire thread really doesn't belong in this forum).

This service sounds interesting, and I hope that they can get past the funding and FCC licensing hurdles so that they can expand nation wide. It would be nice to see someone get established as a high speed fixed wireless provider before AT&T and Verizon get their fixed LTE services off the ground (competition is good).

Clear had the right idea, but they just did not have the proper spectrum or technology for high speed service (I use past tense even though Clear is still in business, because unless they can get sufficient funding and sufficient LTE spectrum, their days are numbered). In theory I can get Clear's ~4mbps service, but my own analysis of their antenna location and the terrain tells me that I would be lucky if Clear's service would even work for me without an external antenna on a tall mast (I already have one of those just to get cell phone coverage, and I don't think that the management of my apartment complex would be too thrilled if I drilled another hole in the brick wall for the cabling and erected another antenna).
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