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Sherwood, OH

Can I transfer music to Xbox 360 from my pc?

I have a Compaq pc running Win7 and my son has an Xbox 360. The Xbox is wired to my wireless router and the pc is using a wireless connection. I have tons of music on the pc and I am trying to get those songs available on his Xbox. I have searched and found several different suggestions, but nothing is working. First I tried to add an extender to Media Center. I got the code from the XBox, but Media Center on my pc will not add the extender. I followed the troubleshooting and made sure my router settings allowed multigate (I think) and UPnP. Then I made sure my firewall allowed extenders. Still will not add. So I tried accessing the computer through the XBox music player. The computer is listed, but it shows there are no songs found. Can anyone tell me how I can link these two so he can listen to the songs on the pc through his XBox? Thanks!!

Markle, IN
In general trying to use a pure Microsoft solution sucks. The connection between xbox and pc randomly breaks for no reason. Save yourself the trouble and go with a 3rd party solution. I personally use TVersity, but there are others.
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Re: Can I transfer music to Xbox 360 from my pc?

try the steps in this article, you can use regular windows media sharing instead of the Media Center Extender dealio:


it is rather easy.