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STB Swap gone awry?

In an attempt to make a long story short: Got back from short vacation, notice almost all channels pixelating or not coming in at all. Call for support, and due to billing issues, had to wait a week for a cheque to clear despite being told I wouldn't have to. The best part was them depositing said cheque before the post-dated date (I have printed documentation from my bank proving this, I'm still deciding whether to pursue this matter).

So anyway, 2 weeks later they finally send me a replacement box. Despite the previous troubles, I was surprised to get it a day early. Going to plug it in...there's no hdmi.

I have a DCT 6412, then sent me a DCT 6200.

What the hell Cogeco?? I only have ONE stb. How did you cock this up? So now I'm fully expecting to wait ANOTHER week. With a TV service that is 80% broken (I can watch Global, CTV and NBC, and possible a few others that I don't watch come in but I haven't checked).

I suppose this is what I get for exerting my consumer rights and cancelling internet and phone service with them because their billing practices are a joke. Shame on me for keeping their tv service.

As background, I work in the ICU department at a call center for a large American service provider that does all 3 services. I'm all too familiar with the processes inflicted upon the general consumer base.


Burlington, ON
It is true that the DCt 6200s do not have HDMI. They do have component cable inputs. If you have not done so, you can use the component cables to get the HD (if your TV has component outputs). I am surprised they sent a DCT 6200.