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Milton, MA

[Business] Recent Contract Information

I am currently in the process of moving my account from location to another.

I was told by a customer service rep that Comcast is no longer waiving the installation fee (even though the new address is already wired by Comcast and the current service is just adding another internet account) Essentially I will have residential cable/phone/internet and business class internet at the address.

Has anyone had any success with getting them to discount and or waive these fees?

The sales rep informed me that she could discount it if I was willing to also ad a phone line for an additional $25.00 a month but else wise she could not help me. Funny this was the first thing I said to her was "I am trying to find out how to get rid of the flyers you guys keep mailing me about the phone service."

I am currently contacting my original sales rep (What I should have done when I started) to see if I get a different result. I will report back.

So the original rep CC'd and referred me to the original sales rep making me look like a jerk.

Should I stick to my guns and threaten to leave for DSL? Speed is not really an issue as much as overall bandwidth is.

So this is the final update with regards to this (50+ views and no other comments so oh well)

I live in a town with no other markets to even go to except for Verzion DSL (Town is wired for FIOs already but has been dark since the economy went down.) The person I used to sign up originally 2 years ago intended to get it resolved for me but then once he noticed it had already been started by the second sales rep said he could no longer help.

The sales Rep said that Comcast no longer waives the fee (which the other rep basically all but confirmed was a lie) and is still holding to her guns that she is not waiving the fees. As such I have two options. I can pay the $200 (this really sucks) to move the service to a location that's already wired with no early termination fee (This would be $200) so essentially I am getting charged the ETF anyways.

I think we should begin to comply a list of Sales People on the site to contact so people can avoid ones who are clearly are not truthful (I assume there is a commission incentive to getting them to agree to the install fee in these cases)

I did want to confirm the length of term for the service agreement for the new location. Obviously should you move in a year or even less, we will move the service with you at no penalty. The installation charge is based on the length of term ($49.00 for 3 years, $99.00 for 2 years, $199.00 for one year). Unfortunately, there is no way for me to waive installation charges on the new location for internet only.

In regards to the equipment, the tech does bring a new piece of equipment for the installation. The best way to ensure that you get credit for the return of the old piece of equipment is to drop it off at a local Comcast service center and ask for a receipt rather than bringing it with you to the new location.

Unfortunately, there are no longer installation waivers for any internet only order under any circumstances. I wasn't able to view the document from the link provided, but I believe that there may have been different rules in regards to installation fees going back a couple of years ago. As much as I would like to be able to waive the installation fee (it would certainly make my job easier if I could!), it's not even something that can be done for an internet only order at this point. If you had the need to add a business class phone line, installation fees could be waived for a 24 month or greater term with the exception of a $24.95 activation fee for the phone line.

From an installation standpoint, where there is already a residential modem in place, I am not certain whether any additional wiring will need to be in place for the 2nd internet connection or not. Either way, a tech does have be there to set up the equipment (Even if you were to purchase your own cable modem, a tech visit would unfortunately be required).

Unfortunately as we discussed yesterday, the installation fee will be required when moving service to the new location. This is not something that can be waived for internet only orders, but the install fee is lower for longer terms.
Comcastic? try Monopolistic!

I should probably thank her for putting in writing that I can cancel a three year contract and face no penalty as long as I am willing to pay a $50 dollar charge install charge.

Aptos, CA
They used to waive the fee on a three year term, but the fees are lower now overall and the $50 vs $0 cost isn't egregious for a business to pay.

They will be pulling a separate line even on an existing service, so you'll get your $50 worth.

I don't see anything in writing saying you can cancel a three year contract without ETF anywhere. I believe you are mistaken there.

Concast business class has *very* competitive rates and install terms vs other business class services in my experience, and yes they are different than residential. It has nothing to do with a monopoly.
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Milton, MA
Yeah I am aware that they said I can cancel and resign up. I do not mind the $50 dollars at all. Its the $200 that was eating at me.