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Franklinton, NC

[E-mail] Migrating email from inhouse exchange server to Comcast

I have had comcast HSI for a couple years not and am looking to switch from an in-house hosted exchange server 2007 to using comcast hosted exchange, I can't seem to find anything on exchange migration of emails to comcast. I have found information on the cname and mx record, but I would like to migrate existing emails with exchange email migration. I now microsoft office 365 product has it and have found instructions for that, but I can't find out any doc from comcast website. does anyone now if you can use the exchange migration utility with comcast and if not, any suggestions on the best way to migrate emails to avoid data lose would be greatly appreciated. thanks



Re: [E-mail] Migrating email from inhouse exchange server to Com

Once you have the cname/MX/DNS situation sorted out, export each user's mailbox to a PST, create a new Exchange profile in Outlook that points at Comcast's Exchange, then import the PST in each user's Outlook. This will push the mailbox contents to the Exchange server, which will then propagate to all of the connected devices.


Thanks, so you basically are doing it manually for each user if i'm understanding and Comcast does not work with exchange migration utility in the exchange management console snap-in for exchange server 2007 Have a feeling i am probably going to lose all their contacts too. Not what I was hoping for, thanks for the response.


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There may well be a way to automate it, but I have never heard of someone using more than several Comcast exchange boxes. It's not hard to do it manually, and only becomes a pain once you have more than a couple dozen boxes.

The PST export includes contacts if you include contacts in the export. If the user is already on Outlook 2010, the export includes autocomplete (aka, suggested) contacts as well. In previous versions of outlook, you have to manually copy over the [profilename].nk2 file.


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There are some third party applications also available online which allow the users to easily and quickly export mailboxes into .pst files. In our case, the tool that we used is, here: »www.serversdatarecovery.com/exch ··· nge.html