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Chilliwack, BC
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Mele20

Re: Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.271

said by Mele20:

BEWARE! This just screwed up IE8. It messed up the Menu bar. I eventually had to use System Restore and I will not be updating Flash again on IE 8. Thank goodness it happened on a virtual machine where I have system restore running. On my host machine my disk is so full that system restore has not run in MONTHS.

I made a VMWare snapshot after I used system restore (my latest snapshot had been back in June) and tried again on IE. Latest Flash ruins the Menu bar. The fix for that problem which evidently is caused by many things (although has never happened to me before) did not work for me... I changed Windows theme to a hideous accessibility theme (also affected Fx and changed its theme) which I could not then change back (which was supposed to fix the IE menu bar problem) because all that happened when I pressed the keys was a screech from inside my computer. Hence, I finally had to use System Restore. I don't understand why Microsoft never fixed the Menu bar bug. I hope I never do anything again to trigger that...it's awful and it was triggered by this latest Flash install.

No problem with IE8 here...