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Walnut Creek, CA
reply to JRW2

Re: [Help] How to get f@%$^%@ing Rain-X off my windshield!

The rain-x fluid is meant to be used as a fill for a completely empty reservoir, or a supplement to a proper application of rain-x, to make that application last longer. If you had any other fluid in the reservoir and didn't have rain-x on your windshield already, this is what happens.

Buy a small bottle of rain-x, clean the windshield thoroughly, and apply it per the bottle instructions, you may be impressed by the results. It certainly works for F-15 pilots.. Many here have said it lasts a month or so and I have no doubt that this is their experience; I usually double-apply it and add a bit to my (normal blue) washer fluid and don't need to worry about it for 6mo; using the rain-x fluid would probably put you in that same general area.

Just an FYI, rain-x is a silicone-based product, as is glass, which is why it bonds so well (the solvent used are for application only, to make it flow more easily). It was initially developed for military use on aircraft windshields, though most of those are no longer made of glass (polymers used in the majority of modern aviation "glass" don't play well with the solvents used in rain-x) so the product does not see such use any longer, though there are still military applications (it greatly improves signal transmission in antennas on submarines, by creating an insulating layer between the antenna and the conductive saltwater that would otherwise create a signal grounding path to the ship's hull) and it is an extremely effective product on automotive glass.