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Providence, RI

[BC] Once again, Actiontec as Standalone Modem

I had asked this question last time and I was told that Actiontech cannot act as standalone modem

I have 15Mbps Service
Connected to Switch 2 Routers
IP 1 - Connected to Router 1 ( Linksys with DD-WRT)
IP 2 - Connected to Router 2 ( Netgear )

I am looking forward to 25Mbps BUT I can't do the above with Actiontec

I was recently told ( some folks at work ) for either options
1) Run as DMZ
2) Call Telus and ask them to update firmware which will make it work

So I called telus and spoke to a tech who "kinda" understood and said it's very simple, turn of wireless and thats it

I said I will call back

So folks, help me out here - any progress in this Actiontec situation?


Edmonton AB

Answer: No.

The rumored Telus firmware that would allow bridge mode still hasn't materialized. Don't bother asking tech support cause you'll just get a scripted answer and they can't update the firmware to something that doesn't yet exist. Shutting off the wireless isn't the answer as you'd still have double NAT / firewalls to deal with and I've never gotten DMZ to work on the Actiontec yet.

Odds are if you are DSL only they may try push the Zyxel on you also. I've heard it's worse.


Providence, RI

Awesome, thanx man