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Help! My apartment is invisible!

Fidelius maybe?

I'm currently in the process of moving to a Timbercreek building in London, Ontario. North London, exactly 3km away from Masonville mall, so it is a residential area with some nice 300k-500k houses in the mix. Definatly not the sticks, definatly an area some nice internet is in. Twice I have called Rogers, and they are unable to find my apartment no matter what information I give, be it postal code, address, street. On the phone with Bell a few minutes ago, she determined my street to be the the street about six hundred meters from my building, which is not in any way my building.

While I was talking to Bell, I was also chatting with their LivePerson LiveChat to try to sort this out. She ended up saying, and I quote,

"I've double checked and I could found the apartment numbers like 400, 401, 402 and 404, unfortunately there is no 403 in the list. Bell is working very hard to expand its coverage area every day. We have recently launched new Fibe plans in certain areas and we hope to serve your area very soon."

This is not a new "area" .. it is literally on the same floor! It is a five story walkup, serviced by an internet box on each floor, which then transmits to our routers in each individual apartment. This is a fairly standard set up. My neighbor on the left is getting 25/7 TekSavvy, my neighbor on the right is getting 15/10 Bell, and my neighbor down the hall is getting 75/2 (lol) from Robbers.

But yet, either a company cant see me, and apparently does not want my money, or, the only thing they can offer me is apparently a cable connection for 6mb/800kb.

What the heck can I do here? Seriously!

Here is a copy of the picture I tweeted Bell.
And just for fun, there is a second one, with one of their "solutions". LOL

Here are bare facts:
Premium DSL / ASDL is available in the building. My neighbors on the same floor have it, therefore the infrastructure is in place.
I have a DSL cable hookup to go into a modem in my room.
No one can seem to either get me better speed than 6 mbps down/ 800 kbps up, which is criminal, or can't find me at all.

Is there any way to just make them take a trip out there and hook me up?

Is this a new building?

I'm not exactly familiar with the inner workings at Bell, but I know at Rogers, sometimes apartment numbers are not added into the system right away for new developments even though they are within the service area. If your neighbours have service with Rogers, you can call in have them submit a "potential" which essentially adds your address into the system so you can sign up for service. This process usually takes 48 business hours at Rogers. Although, I have no idea how it works for Bell, I would assume they have a similar system in place. Your best bet is to call, web chat reps usually don't have access to much.

MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to Brian3154
The chat drone has no clue. Apartment numbers, if they don't exist already can be added during the ordering phase. I've seen some buildings where they have the same apartment in the database as Apt 402, Room 402 and Unit 402, just because someone created them during ordering at one time or another.
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reply to Brian3154
It would've been really interesting if your invisible apartment was number 404.



No Problem
reply to Brian3154

Same old contract and costs
Sounds about right. Many people have paid those fee's and have been locked into the same contract.

Just wait till after your 5 year contract, that's when they will really nail you by saying, "sorry, you still have 4 years left on the contract, that will be 12,629$ in termination fee's".

I see nothing extraordinary here. Same old...

Go to an ISP that will allow line bonding, get yourself 10 lines and you will be saving money hand over fist. *shrug*


Montreal, QC
This remind me so much of an old Babylon 5 episode, "Grey 17 is missing" LOL

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reply to yyzlhr
Yeah, I've so far emailed a rep from Twitter, talked to a chat drone, called, I'm just blown away. Literally none of these people can apparently help me, although they helped my neighbors. I'm just literally blown away lol. Its new-ish, been up two years. I just got off the phone with Rogers, and they can apparently find this now.. although I would much prefer upload speed...

It's just strange that apparently my apartment is just mystically not there. I called Bell just now and they quoted me the same thing, saying that even if I was ordering a new service they can't seem to find any infrastructure up there other then the basic cable internet. Blah!

So frusterating.

Toronto, ON
Order at your neighbours address and change it later

Inquire within
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reply to Brian3154
said by Brian3154 :

No one can seem to either get me better speed than 6 mbps down/ 800 kbps up, which is criminal,

Welcome to London, much of the city is still on yesteryear's DSL service. You might have better luck posting in Bell direct: »Bell Canada Direct


reply to oldsam
said by oldsam:

It would've been really interesting if your invisible apartment was number 404.

403 is 'Forbidden'

Forbidden from higher-speed broadband?

i ruin threads apparently

Hamilton, ON
reply to HeadSpinning
said by HeadSpinning:

The chat drone has no clue.

they're outsourced idjits, what did you expect? they tried telling me i couldn't get 25/7 because i couldn't give them my home phone number. well, i hate to break it to them, but not everyone is dumb enough to have a landline when they have a cellphone.


1 recommendation

I have a cellphone and a landline ... because the cell is for "away from home" and the landline is for "at home" ... The cell is useless at home ... move 2" and I can go from 2 bars to none. So "dumb enough" isn't so dumb in all cases!


reply to Brian3154
I dont know if the Bel direct forum can create the install for you but its worth a try to post over there.

If the rep cant find Apt 403 - unit 403 - suit 403 - etc etc, then they need to create the install with the 'new house' indicator.

If they are able to get past the address but can still only offer you 6mbps it could be a case of no adsl2+/VDSL slams available for use, even though the equipment may be there. It may be 'full'.
Opinions and ideas expressed in my post are my own and in no way represent those of Bell Canada Enterprises, Bell Canada, Bell TV, Bell Internet, Bell Mobility, Bell Technical Solutions, Expertech, or any other partners under the BCE umbrella.

Hamilton, ON
reply to Brian3154
I am really missing something here.

Bell provides services to street addresses, and as a consequence to all sub addresses at that building.

If a single family house at 200 Address Avenue was a single family dwelling and is now 4 apartments, Bell will service 4 apartments.

Just because Bell has no record of an apartment number and won't service it is bullshit.

Either scream at Bell supervisors on the phone or post in the direct forum here:

»Bell Canada Direct

Bell has an obligation to send out a truck, and either a tech or a field foreman; to determine how to get you service.

While Bell needs to know about new construction; and gets information from the cities about issued building permits; Bell may not hear about a large apartment in a high rise being split into 2 separate units.

As a former Bell employee over 40 years ago; I remember 3 distinct calls that I was sent to investigate.

1. A very large 100 plus year old single family dwelling converted to a 10 unit men's shelter.
2. A very large apartment on the top floor of a high rise that was luxury when the building was built but could not be rented as the high rise became run down and the unit was split into 2 units.
3. New high rise upper floor units that were redesigned & readdressed while the building was under construction and didn't match the records in the assignment department.

Bell can't simply ignore you.



reply to Brian3154
Same thing happened to me when I had no phone line to this house, the floor above me and under me could get fibe25... Obviously first line don't understand how it works.

reply to RickStep
Of course they can. This is NOT Bell of even 12 years ago. At least then they still knew what customer service is. They never were the BEST of companies, but in the last 12 years, so much rot set in that they are now totally able to ignore you.